Saturday, June 20, 2009

cloud computing

hi people
In this post , I will talk about current buzz in the IT field , namely CLOUD COMPUTING .
Now if you don't what this is all about read this wiki page . It has very lucid explanation of this concept. you must also see this video from youtube .
In tihs blog , I am mostly gonna talk about a simple question

Would you hire a taxi or buy a car ??

Well in any company the major cost happens in it's CapEx, i.e. hardware, software and all the power that is spent on them. plus there is a added cost of management and maintenance .After all this setup phase is done than only the business logic can be focused. now Imagine somebody doing this tedious work for you, you don't need to worry about any software licensing, hardware maintenance . All you will do is to "ask for a service ". many companies have realised that the old client-server model can no longer work so they are providing many serivice ,like SaaS
Well for me this is the origin of cloud-computing .
The so called client-server model that is present today is not scalable,